The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.

Proverbs 4:7

By giving you just a little to read or listen to each day, Plans are a great way to make the Bible a natural part of your everyday life. YouVersion offers thousands of Plans, in dozens of languages, with devotional content designed to help you daily explore and apply wisdom from God’s Word.

You can do a Plan by yourself, or invite friends to join you in a Plan.

Find a Plan

  1. Select the Plans tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Top: Select Find Plans
  3. Search by Keyword: select 🔍.
    Android, iOS:
    Search by Topic
    Browse by scrolling and swiping.
  4. When you see a Plan that interests you, select it. The Plan’s Info page displays:
    Description. What this Plan is about.
    Duration. How long this Plan is.
    Rating. Ratings from friends (if available).
    Sample. Daily excerpts from this Plan.
    Save for Later. Add this Plan to Saved Plans, to start later.
    Top right: Share. Share this Plan with others.
Continue below to start a Plan by yourself.

Start a Plan with Friends

  1. When you find a Plan you want to do, select Start Plan
  2. Select By Myself.
  3. Select Visible to Friends.
    Select Private.
    The Plan is added
When you’re ready to do the first day, go to Plans, My Plans, and select this Plan.

Complete a Plan Day

  1. Select the Plans tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Select My Plans, if it isn’t already.
  3. Select the Plan you want. Today is highlighted, with selections marked        ⃝ (incomplete).
    Previous completed days are marked .
  4. Bottom right: Select Start Reading.
  5. Read the first selection.
    Listen to today’s selections (if available):
    1. Top right: Select the Speaker Icon
      No speaker icon? Scroll up a little.
      Still don’t see one? Your current Bible Version may not offer audio.
      Try Switching Versions
    2. Select Play to listen, Pause to stop.
      Show Controls: Display a Play button anytime audio is available:
      Hide Controls: Turn off the always-on Play button.
      Top of audio controls box: Slide down Arrow: Minimize controls. 
      Top right: Select the Speaker Icon again: Display controls again.
      Allow Play to continue to automatically advance through all today’s selections.

If reading instead of listening:

  1. Bottom right: End of each selection: select >.
  2. Bottom right: End of last selection, select .
    The current Plan day and today’s selections are marked as ✓ (complete).
    If any selections show        ⃝ (incomplete):
    Select that selection to review it.
    Select each        ⃝ to mark it ✓ (complete).

Share a Plan

When you discover a Plan that you think friends might enjoy, you can share a link to it via text message, email, social media, messaging and other apps.

  1. Find the Plan you want to share, or select a Plan from Plans, My Plans.
  2. Android, iOS:
    Top right: Select or , Share.
  3. Select the method and people you want to share with, and follow the prompts.

Catch Me Up

If you fall behind on a Plan, you can easily shift the last incomplete Plan day to become today’s selection.

Catch Me Up is not available on a Plan you are doing with Friends (And on
  1. Select the Plans tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Select My Plans, if it isn’t already.
  3. Select the Plan you want. Today is highlighted, with selections marked       ⃝ (incomplete).
    Previous completed days are marked .
  4. Top right: Select or , Catch Me Up. The last incomplete day becomes today’s selection.

Stop a Plan

  1. Select the Plans tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Select My Plans, if it isn’t already.
  3. Select the Plan you want to stop.
  4. Android, iOS:
    Top right: Select  or , Stop this Plan.
    Top right: Select , Settings.
    Bottom: Select Stop Reading This Plan.

Plans with Friends

The Bible is better with Friends.

When friends join you in a Plan, you see one another’s progress as you complete days, and you can talk over each day’s content in a private discussion area. Please note: you must have at least 1 friend in order to start a group plan. If you don't have any friends, that plan will not display any options, and the plan will just start.

Although joining a Plan with Friends requires a free YouVersion account, you can invite anyone you want. If a friend clicks the link, but they do not have the Bible App installed, they will be directed to the Bible App page on their device’s app store.
When in a plan with friends and you receive an email notification that someone commented, all you can do is select "view comment" and it will open the app and redirect you to the plan.
(Plan with Friends feature is no longer available in

Start a Plan with Friends

When you find a Plan you want to do with friends:

  1. Select Start Plan
  2. Select With Friends.
  3. Select a Start Date.
    Choose a date far enough in the future that your friends will time to accept before it starts.
  4. Select Invite your Friends or Invite Friends.
    Android, iOS:
    Bottom: Invite Friends Later: Save this Plan to My Plans and finish inviting friends later.
  5. Select any Friend(s) you want to invite (max: 150). Each friend you select displays next to their name.
    Deselect: Select a friend’s name again.
    Top: Select 🔍 to search for specific Friends.
    Bottom: Select the Share icon to invite via text message, email, or another app.
  6. When you finish selecting Friends:
    Bottom: Select Invite Friends or Done. This Plan is added to My Plans with a start date reminder.
    Anytime before the Plan starts, you can change the start date under Settings, Change Start Date.

Where do I comment on plans with friends?

  1. When doing plans with friends, there is a Talk It Over section to comment on daily. You can find this under the devotional/list of verses.
  2. You can only comment on a plan with friends, not on a plan you are doing by yourself.
Ready to start the first day? Go to Plans, My Plans and select this Plan.

Invite More People to Join a Plan with Friends

  1. Select the Plans tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Select My Plans, if it isn’t already.
  3. Select the Plan you want to invite people to.
  4. Top right: Select  or , Participants.
  5. Android, iOS:
    Bottom: Select Invite Others.
You can only invite people using the Invite actions on the Participants page.
If you send someone the link using Share, although that person will be able to start the Plan on their own, they will not be able to join the Plan with Friends version.

Leave a Plan with Friends

If a friend invited you to a Plan and you accepted, you can leave at any time. If you invited Friends to a Plan and any of them accepted, you are the Plan Host. If the Host leaves a Plan they initiated, the first person who accepted an invitation becomes the new Host.

If you are the Host and you want to stop a Plan:
1. Remove all of the Participants
2. Stop the Plan

To leave a Plan:

  1. Select the Plans tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Select My Plans, if it isn’t already.
  3. Select the Plan you want to leave.
  4. Android/iOS: Top right: Select ⋯ or ︙Leave this Plan.:

Remove a Participant

When you invite friends to a Plan, you become the Host of that Plan. Only the Host of a Plan can remove participants from it. (Participants may also choose to leave a Plan.)

When you remove a participant from a Plan with Friends, the Plan becomes a regular Plan in their My Plans.

Be careful removing participants. Once the Host removes a participant, that person cannot rejoin the Plan.
  1. Select the Plans tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Select My Plans, if it isn’t already.
  3. Select the Plan you’re removing someone from.
  4. Top right: Select  or , Participants.
  5. Android:
    Long press on the Participant you want to remove, then Kick.
    Swipe left on the Participant you want to remove, then Remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I do when someone accidentally declines a plan invite?
    1. Unfortunately, there is no way to re add them. The host would need to restart the plan.
  2. What do I do if someone is unable to accept an invite to a plan with friends?
    1. First, complete all troubleshooting steps: clear cache in the app, restart your device. Uninstall and reinstall the App (please make sure you know your current credentials before attempting this step. Check your current sign-in email credentials by tapping your profile picture, the 3 dots, and  “Edit profile”)
    2. If troubleshooting steps did not help, check if the invitation is sent by the plan host.
  3. Who can send the link to invite people to a plan with friends?
    1. Only the host of the plan can invite others to join a plan.
  4. What do I do if I accidentally remove someone in the middle of reading a plan?
    1. They cannot be added back unless the whole plan is restarted.
  5. How many plans can I do without creating an account?
    1. You are able to do 28 plan days without an account. This could be 28 days of 1 plan, 1 day of 28 different plans, or anything between.
  6. How do I delete a saved plan?
    1. Plans > Saved > Find the plan you want to delete > Swipe left > Remove > Confirm

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