YouVersion Kids Bible on Amazon Alexa

YouVersion Kids Bible for Amazon Alexa is completely free and lets you listen to over 40 Bible stories to help children engage with God's word on any smart speaker or device that work with Amazon Alexa.

To link your YouVersion Bible account to Alexa.

  1. Download the latest Alexa app for iPhone or Android.
  2. Tap the menu button on the top-left of the screen.
  3. Click on Skills & Games, search for "YouVersion Kids Bible" and enable to use.

To get started simply say, “Alexa, open YouVersion Kids Bible” to hear list of possible commands.

Here's a list of all stories included in YouVersion Kids Bible. To play these stories, you can say:

"Story 1" or "In the Beginning" or "Creation of the world"

"Story 2" or "The First Sin" or "The Fall"

"Story 3" or "Two by Two" or " Noah and the flood"

“Story 4" or “God's Amazing Promise” or “Abraham is called by God”

“Story 5” or “Abraham's Big Test” or “Abraham and Isaac”

“Story 6” or “The Dreamer” or “Joseph is sold into slavery”

“Story 7” or “Dreams Come True” or “Joseph's rise to power”

“Story 8” or “A Baby and a Bush” or “The birth of Moses and the burning bush”

“Story 9” or “Let My People Go!” or “The Plagues and the Passover”

“Story 10” or “God Makes a Way” or “The parting of the Red Sea”

“Story 11” or “Waters Part and Walls Fall” or “Entering The Promised Land”

“Story 12” or “A Hairy Tale” or “Samson”

“Story 13” or “Wherever You Go” or “Ruth”

“Story 14” or “A Voice in the Night” or “Samuel is called by God”

“Story 15” or “Stones, Slings and Giant Things” or “David & Goliath”

“Story 16” or “Fire from Heaven” or “Elijah”

“Story 17” or “A Roaring Rescue” or “Daniel & the lions' den”

“Story 18” or “The Brave and Beautiful Queen” or “Esther”

“Story 19” or “The Walls Go Up” or “Nehemiah and Ezra”

“Story 20” or “The First Christmas Gift” or “Jesus is born”

“Story 21” or “The Beloved Son” or “Jesus is baptized”

“Story 22” or “A Test in the Desert” or “Jesus is tempted”

“Story 23” or “The King and the Kingdom” or “The Sermon on the Mount”

“Story 24” or “Through the Roof” or “Jesus heals a paralyzed man”

“Story 25” or “Demons Destroyed” or “Jesus casts out evil spirits”

“Story 26” or “Time to Get Up” or “Jesus heals a girl”

“Story 27” or “The Big Picnic” or “Jesus feeds 5,000”

“Story 28” or “Coming Home” or “The lost son”

“Story 29” or “The Donkey and the King” or “The triumphal entry”

“Story 30” or “A Goodbye Meal” or “The last supper”

“Story 31” or “In the Garden” or “Jesus is arrested”

“Story 32” or “It is Finished!” or “The cross”

“Story 33” or “A Happy Sunday!” or “The empty tomb”

“Story 34” or “Into the Clouds” or “Jesus returns to heaven”

“Story 35” or “God's Wonderful Gift” or “The Holy Spirit Comes”

“Story 36” or “No Silver, No Gold” or “A crippled man is healed”

“Story 37” or “From Enemy to Friend” or “Paul meets Jesus”

“Story 38” or “Everybody's Welcome!” or “Peter's vision and Cornelius”

“Story 39” or “Journeys for Jesus” or “Paul's journey and trials”

“Story 40” or “A Forever Promise” or “The new Heaven and the new earth”

“Story 41” or “God’s Good News” or “The Gospel Story”

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