Events: FAQ's For Churches

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At this time, Events are not connected to your Church Profile.
How do I get started?

To get started, sign up at with a free YouVersion account to create your own Events to appear in the Bible App. Learn more here.

Do I need a YouVersion account to use Events?

You can search for and view Events without a YouVersion account. But if you want to take notes or save an Event, you must have a YouVersion account. Signing up is simple and YouVersion accounts are completely free. A YouVersion account gives you access to all of the most powerful features of the Bible App — Bible Plans, Verse Images, Highlights, Notes, and more — synced across all your devices. Visit to get your free account now.

Does it cost anything to use Events?

No, the Bible App always has and will be free. Events is an integral part of the Bible App.

Can the administrator of an Event track who or how many people use an event?

No, at this time there is not a way to track either users or the number of users.

Can I edit my Event after publishing it?

Once an Event is published it cannot be edited nor deleted.

Published events that are not yet Live still can be unpublished. Go into the Event Editor, Edit the event, and select the unpublish button on the top right corner of the page.

Can I change the time zone on my Event?

The time zone is automatically set once you enter the location of your Event.

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