Verse of the Day Stories on iOS

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The Story feature is an opportunity to turn your heart and mind toward God, every day. Stories can include an exclusive short video devotional based on the Verse of the Day, a reflection question, a guided prayer, and more.

To open a Verse of the Day Story, select Open Story near the top of the Home feed.

There are 8 parts to each daily story
  • Welcome screen
    • Focusing statement for the day's verse
  • Verse of the Day Text
    • The Share icon is available at the top right
  • Video
    • A short recording of the meaning & impact of today's Verse of the Day
  • Reflection Question
    • Suggestions for personal response
    • The Add Your Own Response option creates new note
  • Devotional
    • A short devotional from a related reading plan
    • The Save for Later option saves the plan to your saved plans list
  • Verse of the Day Image
    • The Share icon is available at the top right
    • The Save to Profile option saves the verse image to your images list
  • Guided Prayer
    • The Share icon is available at the top right
    • The Add to Prayer List option creates a new prayer card in the Prayer feature
  • Come back tomorrow
    • The last screen inviting you to return another day for a new story
    • Selecting Share Story will display the Share Sheet
How to Navigate through the Story feature
  1. Tap the sides to navigate forward/backward through the screens
  2. Video control
    1. Double tapping in the middle pauses/restarts the video
    2. Double tapping the right side advances the video 15 seconds
    3. Double tapping the left side rewinds the video 15 seconds
    4. Press/hold pauses the video until you release
    5. You can also use the control panel a the bottom of the video to pause/play and use slider to move through the video
Additional information

The Story is designed to pick up where you left off if you don't finish it or something interrupts it. The fastest way to get back to the beginning or the end is to tap through the screens.

While viewing the video select the graphic next to the presenter's name for more information about the presenter & their organization

Share sheet actions available in the Story feature

  • Share to various apps
  • Save - saves to photo app
  • Copy - for pasting into another app
  • Add to reading list - saves a link to your Safari Reading List
  • Print - prints full page image to a wireless printer

Past stories are not an available feature at this time. However, sharing a link to the story may be a way around that limitation. See the video here for an explanation.

Past VOTD text & images are in the VOTD section of the app

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