Permissions on Android

At YouVersion, we value and protect your privacy. Our Terms of Service can be found online by going here, and our privacy policy can be found here

YouVersion does not sell any personal information that you provide to us, nor do we share it without your express consent

Device ID & Call Information
  • The Bible App does not monitor or record ANY audio, information or metadata
  • The app gets a cue to stop audio when you receive a call
  • The app “ducks” its audio (that is, turns it down slightly) when your device sounds a ringtone or other notification
Photos / Media / Files
  • The Bible App needs read / write access to store downloaded translations to your SD card
  • It needs access to your camera roll for you to create your profile picture and to create / store your own Verse Images
  • It does not read or write media on your phone unless you initiate it
  • The Bible App requests access to your account list to make the signup process as simple as possible for you
  • This is so you can sign up using an account you already have (such as Facebook or Google)
  • The alternative is the more complicated “verify” step, where YouVersion sends you an email with a link that you have to click
  • Some YouVersion features, such as Events, as well as our Churches feature, can use your precise location, allowing us to suggest Events and Churches near you. To use or access location-based features, you will be provided the option to share your precise location with us and, if you choose to do so, we will use that information solely to provide location-based features, personalize your experience with YouVersion and internally analyze and develop our products and services. You can read the full details here.
  • This feature is needed for you to share the Bible App with your friends, or to invite your friends to connect with you in the App
  • It will only access your contacts when you initiate it
  • YouVersion does not send anything on your behalf unless you specifically request it
    • e.g.: sending a Bible verse to a friend as an SMS message or email
Network (Internet & WiFi)
  • The Bible App sometimes needs to read data for tasks such as
    • playing audio and video
    • providing Bible chapters
    • syncing your recent highlights, etc. with the server
  • The app needs to be able to sense your network connectivity to know when to switch to “offline mode”
Run at Startup
  • The Bible App runs during device startup to ensure that any reminders you have set notify you at the correct times
Prevent Phone from Sleeping
  • The Bible App needs this permission to keep the screen on during times when you’re reading but not touching the screen
  • It only prevents your screen from shutting off when the Bible App is running AND has focus
  • This feature is not active when the Bible App is not running, nor does it affect other apps when they have control of your screen
Sensitive Data
  • By downloading and using YouVersion, we do not assume that you are of any particular religious affiliation or are expressing to us any particular religious belief. Some features available through YouVersion utilize personal information that may reflect your religious or philosophical beliefs. Before we collect or process this information for such features, we will obtain your explicit consent.

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