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If you are experiencing technical issues/errors, please try deleting website cookies or signing into another browser provider (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox). Please make sure you know your current credentials before attempting these steps. You can find your current sign-in email on by tapping on your Profile icon > Sign In > Account settings > Current Email.

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer does not work reliably with For the best experience, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are only able to use a browser from Microsoft, ensure that you are on the latest version, Microsoft Edge.

  1. Download or update Microsoft Edge here.
  2. Check Microsoft’s Edge website for support, help, and more.

Apple Safari

Although works with Apple Safari, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience. If you are using Apple Safari, make sure you have the most recent version.

  1. Download or update Apple Safari here.
  2. Check Apple’s Safari website for support, help, and more.

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience. Both are completely free.

Google Chrome
  1. Download or update Google Chrome here.
  2. Check Google’s Chrome website for support, help, and more.

Mozilla Firefox
  1. Download or update Mozilla Firefox here.
  2. Check Mozilla’s Firefox website for support, help, and more.

Restart Your Device

Devices use various methods for shutting down and restarting, so the steps we outline here might not precisely match your particular device. We recommend that you refer to your specific device’s documentation, look online, or ask a friend for help.

Windows: How to restart (reboot) your Windows computer (Microsoft Support Website).

Mac: How to restart your Mac computer (Apple Support Website).

Chromebook: How to sign out and turn off your Chromebook, then turn it back on and sign in again. (Google Support Website) Is Blocked By My Web Browser

Some features at may conflict with web browser extensions that block advertising or offer enhanced security. Every service that YouVersion offers is completely free to you and our partners, with no advertising and no strings attached. (Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.) If you use an ad blocker or other browser extensions, and you are experiencing problems with pages on, try the suggestions below. For each of the following, refer to your browser extension’s Settings or Help for more specific instructions, or look for help online:

  1. “Pause” your ad blocker or browser extension, then reload the page you’ve had trouble with. If that fixes the issue:
  2. Consider adding to your browser extension’s “whitelist.”

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