Salvation of a Loved One

Opgedateer 19/7/22 deur Cindy Beall

Bible Verses
John 3:16-17
Acts 4:12

Bible Plans
What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?
New Life in Christ 
How to Start Reading the Bible

Prayer for Salvation 
God, it is a privilege to know You, and be known by You! Your love changes us, and we want our friends and family to experience what we have. So right now, we are asking that You would intervene in the lives of the people who don’t know You. Please capture their attention and lead them to salvation.

Make it evident that You are real, and show them that You want a relationship with them. And in the process, please remove any skepticism or bitterness that might hold them back from pursuing You. 

Only You can change hearts and minds, but You ask us to partner with You by making disciples. So let us become shining lights that display You to a broken world. Wherever we go, give us the boldness to talk about Your sacrificial love. Allow our actions to inspire others to draw close to You.

In die Naam van Jesus, amen.

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