Oppdatert 9/10/23 av Cindy Beall

Bible Verses
Jeremiah 17:14
James 5:14-16

Bible Plans
Healed by Jesus 

Prayer for Healing  
Heavenly Father, thank You for being someone we can count on at all times. Even when we feel broken, You can turn our brokenness into something beautiful. Nothing is impossible for You.

You are able to take the hardest diagnosis and the darkest situations and turn those around for Your glory and our good. Nothing is too hard for You.

So please heal us, Lord, and we shall be healed. Save us, and we shall be saved. You are the One we cling to, so please strengthen us, help us, and uphold us.

Even if healing doesn’t come the way we expect, help us to never stop believing that You are in control.  Although we might not see complete healing on this side of eternity, one day we will be completely healed. And we hold onto that hope, because You have shown us that it is not in vain

You are our Healer, and You alone sustain us. And as long as there is breath in our lungs, there is a reason to give You glory. 

I Jesu navn, Amen.

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