Copyright Information for Plans and Bible Versions

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Our goal is to help the world fall in love with God's Word. To further this goal, we partner with many publishers, Bible agencies, authors, and church leaders to help our community engage with Scripture.  We provide copyright information about this content within the app.

  • Copyright information about reading plan content is available by selecting the 3 dots on the plan title bar when viewing the reading assignment for a day of the plan
  • Copyright information about each translation is available at the bottom of each chapter within the app
  • Copyright information about each audio version is available at the top of the audio control panel
  1. If devotional content is copyrighted by LifeChurch.TV or YouVersion, you do not need permission to use or quote the material.
  2. If the devotional content is from another publisher, you will need to contact that publisher to request permission to use their material.


  • Some Bible translations available in the YouVersion Bible app are public domain. In an effort to give credit where it is due, the Bible app states who last owned the copyright. Although these translations are free for public use, it is advisable to use standard works citing methods such as MLA or APA to recognize the work of others.

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