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YouVersion has a number of different agreements in place with different publishers, Bible societies and content partners that allows us to provide a range of diverse content, globally around the world. This article is a guide on how you can use and share content hosted on our platform.

Can I use or quote Bible verses in my church service, a blog post, book, or in a research article?

Bible versions are considered intellectual property by the copyright owner, such as the publisher or Bible society. Although YouVersion has the proper agreements in place to provide you with these versions through our platforms, you will need to check with each publisher individually to see what their requirements are for your specific usage. The copyright holder can be found at the bottom of each chapter. For how to properly quote verses for a research paper or article, we recommend checking with your preferred or required citation style guidelines such as APA or MLA.

You can freely provide a link to specific verses, such as posting the link or to social media or by sharing a Verse of the Day image from inside the Bible App.

Can I republish, screencast, or record an audio reading of Bible Plans, videos, or other content I find on YouVersion platforms to my own website, blog, YouTube, podcast, social media, or other hosting or distribution platforms?

We recognize the desire to distribute the content to as many people as possible. However, because we have specific license agreements in place with our content providers, we aren't able to offer permission for complete republication and distribution. We invite you to share a link to YouVersion's products, websites, and social media channels to your audience instead.

Can I use your Bible App for Kids videos for my school or church classrooms?

Yes! We actually provide an entire curriculum designed for the classroom setting. Learn more at

Can I overdub content from YouVersion into another language, such as videos or Bible App for Kids content?

We have volunteer teams from all over the world working to localize our content into as many languages as possible. In fact, we may already be working on your language. We invite you to become a Localization volunteer to help out. Learn more at

Can my small group print out a Bible Plan for our personal study?

We recommend taking advantage of our Plans with Friends feature in the app. When you start any Plan, just select "With Friends" to invite others to study with you. Because the content of each Bible Plan and related scripture is owned by their respective copyright holders, YouVersion cannot directly give permission to distribute this content outside of our platforms, including in print.

Can I share your Verse of the Day Images to my website or social media channel?

Yes! From inside the Bible App, there are share features on every Verse of the Day Image. You may share these freely to your networks. You can also print them for your personal use, but they cannot be used or reproduced or sold for any for-profit product or service.

I'm a church or ministry and want to share YouVersion's Verse of the Day Images. How can I do this?

Through Life.Church Open Network, YouVersion has made these images as well as other resources available for free for churches and ministries. Visit to learn more.

If you have a question related to copyright that is not covered in this support article, please email with a detailed description of your request and someone from our team will get back to you.

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