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Because we are not the owners of the Bible version content, our team is dependent on the permissions each Bible Publisher partner gives us.

If you are looking for a certain Bible Version or specific format of a Bible version (i.e. an audio Bible, offline version, New Testament, Old Testament) and are unable to find it, it may be because that version is currently unavailable from the partner.

If you would like to request a Bible version, please fill out this request form.

Find a Bible Version

  1. Tap the Bible icon in the bottom menu
  2. Select the version abbreviation in the top right corner (Example: NIV).
  3. Select the search icon in the top right corner to find the version(s) available in your language.

Bible versions will not show if your device language is different than the language of the version you're searching for. For ex: If your device is set to English, you will not see Spanish Bible versions listed.

Download Bible Versions to Read Offline

Each language has a Bible version that is automatically downloaded. This is different for each language, and cannot be removed from your downloads.
  1. Ensure your mobile device has a strong Internet connection.
  2. Verify you are signed into the app.
  3. Tap the Bible icon in the bottom menu
  4. Search and select the Bible abbreviation. Select the download icon next to the abbreviation.

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