Events: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Events?

Events is a free feature inside the Bible App that helps you easily connect with church events that you’re attending. Events can also help you discover other churches and special events happening nearby.

I don’t see Events in my Bible App, where is it?

Events can be found by tapping the More Menu in the bottom right corner and then selecting Events.

If you don’t see Events, but you see a “Live” tab, then you are running an older version of the Bible App. Please update your Bible App to the latest version by visiting

How can I find an Event?

The Bible App needs access to location services on your device to find Events near you. If you’re looking for a specific Event and you know what it’s called, you can search using part of its title.

Can I see Events that have already ended?

Yes, if you have saved the Event or if you have a direct link to it. However, once an event has ended, it will no longer appear in Events search.

Do I have to attend an Event to see it in the app?

No, if you know an Event’s title or its location, you can search for it that way. But, the purpose of our Events feature is to help you engage more with Events that you attend.

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