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Discover lets you easily explore video clips of Bible teaching from recent Verse of the Day Stories, browse Featured Plans and videos, see trending Bible Verses and Plans, and much more. Discover also gives you full-text search across all of the content that YouVersion offers—Bible texts, Verse Images, Plan days, Bible teaching video clips, and more. Search for content from your favorite pastors and Bible teachers. Search based on keywords like emotions. Even see personalized suggestions based on the content you like the most.

  1. Bottom right: Select the Discover tab, if it isn’t already.
  2. Top: Select the Search box.
  3. Begin typing what you’re looking for.
    As you type, Discover suggests search terms and displays related content such as Bible verses, Verse Images, Bible teaching video clips, Plans, and more.
  4. Select resulting content at any time.
    Finish typing exactly what you want, and then select…
    1. Android:
    2. iOS:
To see the most results, make sure you are signed in with your free YouVersion Account.
To search by Emotions, or specifically for Plans, Videos, or Verse of the Day Images, scroll to the bottom.

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