How to block a user on iOS

Updated 7 months ago by Keiran Davidson

It may sometimes be the case that you receive recurring friend requests from someone you don’t know or from someone you would rather not have on your YouVersion friend list. While we hope this doesn’t happen, a feature has been added that will allow you to block those requests.

Blocking a user:
  1. View a user’s profile who is NOT your friend
  2. Select the overflow menu bar button (3 dots at the top right)
  3. Select the red Block action at the bottom of the menu
  4. Accept the confirmation prompt that pops up
  5. The user is blocked and their profile should reflect that
Unblocking a user:
  1. Select the Unblock button on a blocked user’s profile view
  2. Accept the confirmation prompt
  3. The user is unblocked and their profile should reflect that

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