Notes—why can’t I organize them on iOS

Updated 10 months ago by Keiran Davidson

The list of Notes always appears in order from newest to oldest based on when the note was created.  

You can make your notes a little easier to find by editing them to:

  • Make colors consistent
  • Insert the Verse reference or some intro text into the first line of the Note which is visible in the list (even in Compact View)
  • Move “keywords” to the first line of the Note, so that it can be displayed and searched on the web (see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION below)


On your mobile device you cannot do a keyword search of your Notes. However, on, using a laptop/desktop computer, you can display your list of Notes and then use the Find function (CTRL+F) of your browser to search the displayed portion of your Notes.

We are considering future options for providing better ways to organize Notes.  If you have some definite ideas about how such a new feature should work, you can offer your ideas here.  

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