Notifications, errors and privacy for prayer actions

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Push Notifications and Prayer actions

Whenever an prayer action is done

  • Push notifications are sent to each shared friend
  • Actions are displayed on the prayer detail page


  • Sends push notification to friend
  • Displayed in a rolling display just left of Pray icon

Post an Update

  • Sends push notification to all shared friends
  • Updates the prayer on your device and also friends devices
  • Puts a green dot above your picture in the home so friends will know to open it


  • Sends push notification to all shared friends
  • Displayed as answered on your page and friends devices

If you exceed 1000 characters in your prayer or update or 70 in the Title, you get the following error

  • Android - Black box with red exclamation mark in it
  • iOS - Negative red number


Prayer Privacy Details
  • Private - You can keep a prayer on the list for your own use and not Share with Friends
  • Share with Friends gets you to choose specific friends. Payer is marked Confidential They can not share with anyone on app
  • Prayer Chain - Friends can share with Friends and those Friends can then share with their Friends also. No Privacy and you may get prayed for from people you don't know
Information about repeating shared requests in a prayer chain
  • You can also add a message to a friends prayer
  • The message will only go to the person you share with. It is not added to the prayer chain
  • If others share again then only the message added by that person goes forward
  • When the originator sends and update, then everyone gets the update
  • If multiple people share to one person, that person will get one prayer on the device but will get a notification from each person that shared to them
Push Notifications turn off
  • Friends can turn off push notifications on their device in the Settings notifications page
  • For help articles, select link here 
  • Type Push in search bar at top of page and find the article in the results that matches your platform/device

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