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Updated 11 months ago by Nizia Dantas

As you may already know, our mission at YouVersion is to help as many people as possible freely engage with the Bible, no matter where they live or what language they prefer. And of course, one way we do that is by providing as many reading plans as we possibly can in various languages. 

While we agree that it would be fantastic if we could offer all reading plans in your language, we are only able to offer reading plans in different languages as a result of the work from our translation teams. Our volunteer language translation teams work very hard to translate the different reading plans and other areas inside our app. 

If you are interested in helping to translate from English into your language, then we’d absolutely love to have you join our team of volunteers! You can sign-up directly at Volunteering with YouVersion is a fantastic way that you can literally help reach people all over the world with the message of God’s love! 

We look forward to working with you.

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