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In order to find friends in the Bible App, you must be signed in to your YouVersion account in the app and be connected to the Internet. You can then locate friends by following the directions below.
Finding Friends on iOS: 
  1. Select the friends icon in the upper left corner of the Home feed
  2.  Select Add Friends
  3. There are several choices for finding and adding friends
  • Selecting the Spotlight button (magnifying glass) allows you to search YouVersion user's by name, user name or email address
  • Selecting Connect With Contacts displays a list of people in the Contacts app whose email address is associated with a YouVersion account
  • Selecting Connect With Friends (Facebook) will display a list of your Facebook friends who have connected their Facebook account to their YouVersion account
  • The Suggested Friends list displays a list of suggestions based on the number of mutual friends you have with others on your YouVersion friend list
Add Friends
  1. Once you find the person or people you’d like to add as friends,
    1. Select Add and they will be sent a request.
    2. Their name will appear in your friends list once they accept the invite​.
There is currently no way to rescind an invitation you send out.
  1. ​There is also an option to send an invite for people to download the Bible App
  •  When you select this option, you also select where you want the Bible App to look
What If I Can't Find My Friend Even Though I Know They Have a YouVersion Account?
  • When you type a name, email address or user name in the search bar, you will get 'no results' if your friend does not have a name entered in their YouVersion profile. They will either need to add a name or you will need to search for them through your contacts or Facebook friends. 
  • Email addresses must be associated with YouVersion accounts in order for the Bible App to find them. Many people have multiple email addresses so if someone you know does not show up in a Contacts or Facebook search, either they do not have a YouVersion account or the email address associated with their YouVersion account is different than the one listed in your Contacts App or your friend's Facebook profile.
Troubleshooting When Adding Friends Doesn't Seem to Work
  • There is a 250 friend limit so if you try to go over that limit the feature will not work

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