How to use a reading plan on iOS

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If you don't have a reading plan and want to start one, select link here.

How to use a plan that you've already started
  1. The plans you've started are available directly from the For You tab in the Home Feed. Just select the plan you want to read and it will open to the current day. Alternately you can select Plans on the bottom navigation menu. Then select My Plans & the plan you want to read
  2. When you open your plan each day, it will open to the day you should be reading
    •  If it doesn’t, select the day you want to read by selecting that day in the calendar
  3. Just under the plan image is a horizontal list of days and dates
    1. Swipe forward or backward this horizontal list to go to previous days or upcoming days
    2. Completed days have a check mark
    3. Depending on the plan, some days may already have a check mark. This is because it is an off day
    4. If you have kept current with your plan, you'll see On Track! on the right side under the list of days.  If not, you'll see X Missed Days to let you know that you've missed some days.
    • Select Missed Days, if necessary
    • Select a day to go to that day so you can read what you missed OR select the circle to the left of the date to mark it as read
  4. Select Start Reading at the bottom right of the plan panel
    • If your plan has devotional content this will open up the devotional content.
    • If you want to read scripture first, select a scripture reference instead of the Start Reading arrow.
    • If your plan does not have devotional content, selecting the Start Reading arrow will open the first scripture reading in the Bible reader
  5. After you read the devotional content, select the arrow at the bottom right of the screen to advance to the next reading for that day
  6. Advance through each of the readings for the day by selecting the arrow on the right side of the Bible reader page until you have completed all of the readings for the day
  7. The app should automatically mark all items for the day as read and return to the reading plan page. In some cases you may have to mark it manually by tapping the circle to the left of the devotional and each scripture reference
Offline plan use

Three things to do online to set up a plan for offline use

  • Signed in
  • Start the plan you want to use offline
  • Download a Bible version for offline (only downloaded bibles will work with plan offline)
  • Once these are done you can use your plan offline
  • Next time you go online it will sync your readings
Plans with Friends Talk it Over comments

If you are doing a Plan With Friends, the Talk it Over section will open up so you can comment on the day’s reading and also read other people’s comments. It is YouVersion’s hope that this type of interaction will help you engage with God’s Word on an even deeper level.

  1. On Plans with Friends to comment in the Talk it Over section
  2. Type where it reads Write your response. There is a 1000 character limit for each comment
    1. Select Post
  3. To view each participants activity select the day of activity on the weekly calendar
    • Each participant icon will have a check if they have read and completed the day
    • To see the talk it over comments, select Talk it Over at bottom of each day (Not circle)
    • All the comments will be listed for the day
    • You can also add additional comments in Write your response 
    • You can like someone's comment by tapping the heart in their comment box
    • You can edit or delete your own comment by selecting the three dots at bottom of the comment moment 
    • You may also get email or notifications from each participant as they comment
How to adjust plan settings

With your plan open, select three dots in the upper right, and then select Settings to go to the plan settings page where you can:

  1. Choose to receive a daily reminder to read your plan. This is a push notification, not an email
  2. [For devices that support 3D Touch] Select this plan to appear in the Quick Action menu if 3D Touch is selected on the Bible App icon (select Learn More to see Apple's video demonstration)
  3. Adjust privacy settings (not available for Plans With Friends as Plans With Friends are always private & visible only to the group of people doing the plan)
    • Private - Your plan activity is only visible to you
    • Friends Only - Your plan activity is visible to your friends on YouVersion
  4. Stop (or Leave) this Plan
    • Before you stop a plan, you should turn off emails and push notification reminders for that plan
    • When you stop a plan, you are unable to restart it from where you left off
    • When you leave a Plan With Friends you will not be able to join the plan again

To use audio with a reading plans select link here.

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