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There is no method or process to merge two accounts.

However, you can manually re-enter data from one account into the account you want to keep.

Before doing this, check this document about recovering information by selecting link here.

Here is how to take information from one account to put into another .

  1. Choose the account you want to keep
  • With the most information or the email you want to use
  • If you have badges you want to keep then keep that account as they can not be transferred
  1. Preparation for data transfer
There is no trick to transfer information, you must copy and paste into separate document or write on paper to remember it and then put it into the account you want to keep
Once an account is deleted you can not get the information back so do this first
  • This process is to save the data from the account you are going to delete so that you can put it back into the account you are going to use
  • In the account you are going to delete
  • Save information in account that you want to keep
    • by copy and paste to a word processor such as Word or Wordpad in your computer
    • You can also copy to a flash drive for temporary storage
    • Some of the data you may want to write down on paper

Here are suggestions as to what to save

  • Current plans with day you are on, etc
  • Notes. You can paste the note content to another app like Google docs.
  • Bookmarks by recording the verses and label
  • Highlights by saving verse and version
  • Friends
  • Images.
  1. Delete the account you have saved the data. For delete account information select link here
  2. If you want to change the email address of the account with the most data to the deleted email then do the following. Otherwise go to step 5
  • Email change is best done on the web (Not available on Android app)
  • For detailed information on email change select link here
  • Please note that you may have to wait for 24 hours after deleting the account to again associate an account with it. This gives our servers time to process the change correctly
  1. Transfer all other information into the desired account from where you have saved it in step 2
  • Restart these plans on your desired account and mark off the days you have already done.
  • Copy and paste your notes. Open the verse in the desired account and start a note and then paste the contents from the saved location
  • Do the same for bookmarks with labels
  • Re-enter your highlighted verses 
  • Send out friend requests to your noted friends so they can be accepted into the desired account
  • Re-enter the images. (This is for the Android or iOS devices)
  1. Then delete the account(s) you no longer want if you have not already deleted it
  2. You should now have one account with all the information


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