Facebook and YouVersion

Updated 1 year ago by Wayne L Harms

Not using Facebook at all for the Bible

You do not need to use Facebook to use the Bible app or website

Just sign in with your email and password and not Continue with Facebook

Sign in (Continue with Facebook)
  • This is a fast way to Sign in to both Facebook and the YouVersion Bible app or website
  • If you use Continue with Facebook to sign in
    • This will create a new YouVersion account if your Facebook email is not presently associated with a YouVersion account
    • It will make the Bible an app in your Facebook account

From your Facebook account

  1. On your Facebook account, use the Facebook help for instructions to uninstall an app
  2. Turn off Apps, Websites and Games. This disables sharing Facebook contacts to YouVersion Friends

From the Bible app

  1. Sign out of your account
  2. Sign back in with the email option and not Facebook
  3. You can use the same email as your Facebook email

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