Change the app language on iOS

Updated 10 months ago by Keiran Davidson

The language you have chosen for your mobile device will be the language the app uses for the app interface as long as we have support for that language.  However, if you want to set the app to display prompts and terminology in a different language, you can do that.

How to change the language of the app itself:

  1. Select More on the bottom navigation menu
  2. Select Language
  3. Select App Interface
  4. Select your desired language
  5. When prompted with the dialogue box asking if you are sure you want to change languages, select Yes
  6. The app will quit and you will need to restart it for the changes to take effect​


When you change the language of the app, this does not change the language for Bibles.  You can change the language of the Bible translations by selecting Bible Text in step 4 above or see other ways to select Bibles in different languages here

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