Concerns about Wording in Versions

Updated 2 weeks ago by Wayne L Harms

Contact Publisher for wording choice
  1. We receive all versions directly from the publisher and do not make changes in text
  2. Please contact the publisher of the translation for questions about the wording used in their translations
    1. The publisher's web site can be found at the end of each chapter
    2. You can also find a list of all versions and publishers here. Just select the version and it will give publisher information
Partnership with Publishers
  • It’s only through cooperative partnerships with generous Bible societies and publishers that we are able to use the many versions that we do
  • The organizations who provide YouVersion with the versions that we have available have demonstrated extraordinary grace and generosity in allowing us to bring them to a worldwide audience—completely free of charge
  • In fact, their choice to partner with us makes possible everything that we do
  • We are profoundly grateful for each of these relationships

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