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Information about reported missing Bible verses 

Here is information about why certain Bible versions contain some verses while others do not.

Good news: no verses were recently pulled or changed. 

So why are those verses included in the King James Version, for example, and not in some of the most popular versions used today? When Bible scholars and translators began work on these versions, they had access to older, more reliable texts than were used to create the King James Version. These ancient texts did not include the verses in question. The differences in the versions do not alter any core doctrines of the Christian faith. 

Most of today’s Bible scholarship shares consensus on which verses those are, and many versions include footnotes to point out why they aren’t included. In the Bible App you can often see these references if you have the footnotes option turned on in the settings menu, such as in the NIV or NET versions. You’ll notice a bubble icon, which you can tap to read the footnote.

Rest assured that we partner with reputable Bible societies, publishers, and Bible translators around the world. These organizations devote their time and energy to studying the original manuscripts to stay true to the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic while still working to translate the Bible into modern languages.

The King James Version translators used the best manuscripts available to them in 1611, and this translation was seen as a monumental achievement of their day. Fortunately since then, many older manuscripts have been discovered and carefully evaluated by scholars, with the conclusion that the older manuscripts are even more reliable. This has given modern translators unprecedented access to manuscripts closer in time to the original documents.

Our mission at YouVersion is to help people all around the world fully engage with the Bible. Thank you for your deep concern in the handling of God's Word. You can rest assured that we, along with our trusted partners, take great care to ensure the accuracy of Scripture on YouVersion. I hope this answers your question, but if it didn't or you have any more questions, please don't hesitate and select Email the Help Team.

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