View Prayers in List or Card View

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Accessing Prayer Views

Prayers are available from the

  • Home Feed
  • Your Profile page
  • The Reader page (when you select verse to add prayer)
  • The main menu, select More and then Prayer List
View Prayers in Card or List view

Either list will show all active prayers

  1. Select the picture of person to open their prayer(s)
  2. There is a green dot above all unopened or updated prayers
  3. This opens Prayer in Card or List Views. Whatever view you last used will come up
  4. Toggle between the Card and List view by selecting either the three line (List) or box (Card) icon in the upper right corner of the screen
Card View
  1. Shows each card as a separate card
  2. Under the card is the number of prayers for this person
  3. Swipe on card left or right to show additional prayers if available
  4. On top left is the time that prayer was started
  5. Select Overflow (three dots) for more options
  6. Select card or View Details in Overflow for more prayer details
  7. Select Pray hands if you prayed for that request
  • They will get a notification
  1. The peoples names who have prayed will display to left of Pray hands
  2. Select Comment to reply or comment on a prayer sent to you
List view
  1. If opened from Home feed the List View will show your selected prayer blinking twice
  2. All listed prayers are listed with the top menu option for opening Answered or Archived prayers
  3. Swipe through the list view to see all the prayer requests
  4. Select the prayer
  5. Scroll down to see more details.
  6. This is the same page as when prayer is opened with View details in Card view

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