Change fonts and quick night mode selection on Android

Updated 10 months ago by Wayne L Harms

  1. ​Select the Aa icon at the top right of the screen next to the audio button (speaker icon)
    1. Select Font box with existing font to choose from a recent font list
      1. Scroll down to OTHERS to choose either other android system fonts or
      2. ADD FONTS for custom fonts you have downloaded
      3. For more info about custom fonts select image article here
    2. Select the A- or A+ button to decrease or increase the font size one step at a time
    3. Select the line spacing
    4. Select screen mode from white (day) or black (night)

All other notifications settings are available by selecting ALL SETTINGS on the bottom right

  • To close the font select panel, just swipe arrow down
  • You will see changes in the background as you make them
  • To delete unwanted fonts see Manage Fonts under Bible reading
  • Long press on font to get delete menu

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