How to search for and start a plan on iOS

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The YouVersion Bible app offers hundreds of daily Reading Plans provided by a variety of ministries and organizations. You should be able to find one that is the right length and has the focus that is right for you. To search for and subscribe to Bible Plans, you need to be signed-in to your YouVersion account in the Bible app and have a good network connection.

  1. Select Plans on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Select Find Plans

Search for Reading Plans by Keyword

  1. Use the magnifying glass to search for plans by typing a key word or phrase (e.g. typing “Warren” would bring up plans provided by Rick Warren.)

Search for Reading Plans by Browsing Categories

  1. To narrow your search to specific categories - scroll through a category list or Select 'see all' to the right of any category name to display all the plans in that category
  2. When a list of plans displays, Select on a plan to learn more about it

Starting the Plan

  1. Select Start Plan
  2. Select By Myself to do a plan on your own. Select Visible to Friends if you want your YouVersion friends to see your plan activity. Select Private if you don't want anyone but you to see your plan activity. Select Cancel if you decide you don't want to start the plan.
  3. Select With Friends if you want to do the plan with a group of friends. Follow the instructions in the pop up that appears. For more information on Plans With Friends see the information here.
  4. After you've started a plan, on the My Plans page, select a plan to view the current day's readings.

Save a Plan for Later If you are interested in a plan, but not ready to start it today, you can add the plan to your Saved Plans list.

  1. Select Save for Later to add the plan to your list of saved plans
  2. The Saved Plans list is on the My Plans page, below the your active plans and above the link to your Completed Plans list

See information here about how to use a plan

For a list of other support articles on reading plans, see information here.

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