How to Switch Books in the Bible Reader on iOS

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To read the Bible in the Bible App, select Read on the bottom bottom navigation bar

Switching Books Using the Book/Chapter/Verse menu
  1. Select the book name at the top of the page
  2. Select the book you want to read
  • By default, books are sorted from Genesis to Revelation - in the same order as most print bibles
  • You can switch from this Traditional view to Alphabetical by selecting the tab at the bottom
  1. Select the chapter you want to read
  2. Select the verse number
  • If the Verse Picker is not displayed
    • Select More on the bottom navigation bar
    • Select Settings
    • Scroll down to Show Verse Picker and toggle the switch to on
Switching Books Using the Search Feature (magnifying glass)
  1. Select Search (magnifying glass icon) on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Type the name of the book in the search bar
  3. Scroll horizontally to select the chapter number

verse number selection is not available using this method


  • Select the left or right arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the previous or next chapter
  • The History button at the top right of the book selection screen displays recently viewed passages
  • For instructions on how to change versions & version language select link here.

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