How to accept/deny friend requests on iOS

Updated 10 months ago by Keiran Davidson

If you have a friend request, a circle with a number will be displayed on the friend icon at the top left of the Home feed. It will also be displayed in the in-app notification (bell icon) section. Depending on what you have chosen in your notification settings you may also get a push notification or an email with the request.

To accept or ignore each friend request:
  1. Select the friends icon in the upper right corner to see the request(s)
  2. Select Accept or Ignore under the name of the user requesting friendship
You must be signed in to your YouVersion account in the Bible App in order to see friend request(s).
If you accept a friend request but the person doesn't appear on your friend list, check the number of friends you have.  There is a 250 friend limit so accepting new friend requests will 'not work' if you already have 250 friends.

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