Parallel reading and comparing versions on iOS Devices

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Parallel Reading & Compare Versions are features that allow you to view a verse or verses in multiple Bible versions.

To enable parallel reading, do the following from the Bible reader
  1. Select the two rectangle button near the top right corner of the Bible reader
  2. If you don't see the two rectangle button, turn your device to landscape mode first
  3. Select a second version from the version list. It will be displayed on the left side
To disable parallel reading mode
  1. Select the rectangles again (iPad & iPhone) or rotate your device to portrait mode (iPhone only)
Comparing Versions is available on all iOS devices

To quickly see how different Bible versions translate the same passage 

  1. Select the verse(s)
  2. Select Compare in the horizontal menu 
  3. Select Add Version + and choose which versions to add
  4. Select Edit to rearrange the version order or remove versions
  5. To compare previous or next verse, tap those options at the bottom of the compare versions list 
  6. Select Close when you are finished using the compare feature

If you have 2 or more Bible downloaded for offline use, you can also compare versions when you’re offline.

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