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The Home Feed or page has been designed to help users fully engage with the Bible through Bible reading, Verses, various reading plans, images and friends.

Home Feed design
  • The Home Feed has For You and Community tabs and access to your YouVersion Profile
  • Some of the items on the For You tab can be rearranged
  • Items on the Community tab appear in date order (most recent first)
For You content includes
  • Verse of the Day Story (pinned to the top)
  • Bible App Activity (pinned to the top)
  • My Plans
  • Verse of the Day
  • Verse of the Day Images
  • Related Verses
  • Prayer
  • Badge Progress
  • Plans Your Friends Are Reading
  • News from Bible App
  • Plans We Recommend for You
  • Recommended Friends
Community content
  • You’ll see a dot next to the word community if there’s new friend activity for you to view
  • Friends & Add Friends options
  • Friend Activity moments such as bookmarks, highlighted verses, reading plan activity, created/saved verse images
  • Your own activity moments that are visible to those on your YouVersion friend list such as bookmarks, highlighted verses, plans that have ‘friends only’ privacy setting, notes you saved with ‘friends’ privacy setting
YouVersion Profile
  • Select your profile picture or icon at the top right of the Home Feed
  • From here you can edit your profile by selecting the 3 dot overflow menu at the top right
  • Your data lists are available from here. Select the one you’d like to view
  • Your activity moments appear in date order (most recent first)
How to Rearrange Items on the For You tab
  1. Select Home (& For You, if necessary)
  2. Select the three dots in the upper right corner of any activity moment or scroll to the bottom of the feed.
  3. Select Rearrange
  4. Press/hold and drag the sections in the order you’d like to have them appear in the feed.

Select Done at the top right

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