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Bible Lens Removed from device stores
  • The Bible Lens will be removed from the app store and will no longer be supported after May 31, 2020
  • One or our suppliers is no longer supporting a key software component used in Lens
  • We considered having a developer rework the app but decided the time would be better spent in developing features to help users directly connect with God according to our new strategy. Features such as Prayer and Verse of the Day Stories
Current and future Images
  • You should also be able to see and share the Bible Lens generated moments in your Bible app personal profile and manipulate them with the Image feature in the Bible apps
  • You can also use the Image feature in the Bible app to create new images with verses you select yourself
  • For information about iOS image creation and sharing select link here
  • For information about Android Image creation select link here. For Android share and export images select link here
  • To save them to your camera roll on your device, go to Share and Download Image in Android and Share and Save image in iOS. Please see device specific links above for more info.
  • The website at does not support Images creation
Delete Bible Lens app
  1. The app is no longer supported
  2. Please delete only the Bible Lens app, and not the Bible app from your device

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