Set up a YouVersion account for Events (Administrator)

Updated 1 month ago by Wayne L Harms

We recommend that churches set up a separate account for events because,

  • It lets you keep your personal Bible App use separate from your ministry tasks
  • It allows you to empower others to manage Events for your ministry, such as other staff members, or trusted volunteers. (If your ministry already has a YouVersion account designated for administrative tasks — such as for the older YouVersion Live — you’ll be able to use that same account to sign in to the new events administrative site.

Suggestions for setting up a YouVersion account to be the administrator of Events

1.    Do not use a specific persons or pastor or staffs private account

  • Staff may leave and then you have no access to the group
  • You need to respect privacy issues as that person may have other account details such as plans and  bookmarks

2.  Set up a generic church-related YouVersion account.

  • Use a spare email account or get a free online one·      
  • Do NOT use this email for anything else than to set up the YouVersion account
  • Sign in for a new account using this email
  • You now have a generic account for use only with events.

3.   How to use and protect these accounts

  • Do not use this YouVersion account for anything else other than Events administration
  • You will need to protect and control the password and email address and pass it on to people assigned to administer the account
  • You can have more than one person use the YouVersion account to add event details, as long as they are not online at the same time

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