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To get to the individual Prayer page from the Home Feed in iOS

  1. Select the 3 dot overflow menu at the top right of the Prayer List moment
  2. Select View All
  3. The instructions below are for working with individual Prayer cards
  • If you see a list instead of an individual prayer card, select a prayer request in the list to get to individual cards

To get to the individual Prayer page from the Home Feed in Android

  1. Select Prayer List in the home feed moment
  2. If you do not see an individual card then select the prayer you want to work with. Select link here for more view info
  3. Select the dot overflow menu in top menu for more options
For instructions on working with your Answered & Archived lists, select link here
Prayer Page Description
  • The number at top left is how old the prayer is
  • On top right is an overflow menu (three dots) (see below for more details)
  • There are various menus available if it is your prayer or if it is and answered prayer
  • The most important is the option to Pray when that comes up
Dot overflow menu options
Share with Friends

Select the Share article here for more details

Post an Update (if prayer is yours)
  1. Type in an update for what's new
  2. If this is an answered prayer, then toggle Mark as Answered
  3. On Android, select Save in top menu to proceed
Mark as Answered
  • This is available in the Overflow menu and also under Post an Update
  • This marks prayers as answered and puts in Answered folder and displays
    • A green Answered tag with the time under the title
    • A green Answered tag with the time under the card view
    • A check mark in the archived list
  • Allows you to edit contents like a new prayer
  • Moves file to the Archive folder
  • To restore a prayer select link here
  • This removes prayer from system with no undo
Comment (iOS only) at the bottom of a prayer sent to you
  • Allows you to reply or comment on a prayer that someone else sends you

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