Create an Image in Bible Lens

Updated 8 months ago by Alan Haggard

Create a new image
  • When it is first opened, the Lens app will analyse and apply a scripture using a default layout
Using an image from your camera, photo roll or Photos folder
  1. From the Discover Screen, select the Camera buttton
    1. You can take a photo to use, OR
    2. Select the photo button at the left, and then the folder you wish to choose from
      1. Select the photo. Lens will analyse and apply a verse/verses
      2. Choose the verse, and then the layout you want
    3. Select Save in the bottom right
Select scripture
  • Scroll right and left to find your scripture
  • Scroll far right to choose a specific scripture
    • Select the + button, and pick a keyword or reference
Select layout
  • Select the ^ arrow and scroll through the image thumbnails shown OR
  • scroll left and right on sample images to see larger
  • To edit further, see HERE

When you are satisfied, select Save

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