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Highlighting a verse puts a color background on the verse

Making or erasing a highlight
  1. In the Bible reading page, select the verse(s) by selecting with a mouse or tapping anywhere in the verse you want to highlight (not complete cursor highlight select)
    1. The verse is underlined
  2. Select a highlight color and the highlight should appear in the verse(s)
  3. To delete highlight color select the X with color circle
To view and delete in your Activity page
  1. Select your picture or a person icon in the top right header
  2. Select Highlights
  3. Scroll down to the desired moment
  4. If you do not see all your highlights select Load more at the bottom of the page
  5. Select More in the moment bottom menu and then Delete
Editing a highlight moment

Since a highlight is merely a color background, the only changes you can make is to change the color or delete the moment in you Activity

  1. To change the color
  2. While you are in the Bible reader page you will see the highlighted verse(s)
  3. Re-select the verse
  4. Select a different color
Highlight Information
  • They are displayed from newest to oldest
  • There is presently no sort feature
  • For each highlight moment at the top right is who made the highlight, the verse(s) and how long ago you last modified the highlight
  • Below that is the complete verse(s)
  • Select the reference in the box below to view the reference in the reader and see associated plans
  • In the bottom menu is Like, and More
  • You can add a comment in the Comment box
  • Select More to have the option to go to the reading page or delete the highlight

Creating new colors or using too many different colored highlights may get confusing.

Some Bible expert users, use highlighting only occasionally, and use only yellow for their highlights, and reserve other colors for notes and bookmarks.

If you are trying to highlight in the MSG version you will get a group of verses. The MSG Bible has verse groups rather than individual verses.

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