Verse Moment Actions on Android

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These options will appear when a verse is selected in the Bible Reader

A menu will open at the bottom of the screen

To close menu, select bar in top of menu and drag down

Reader Verse Indicator

  • When you save a highlight, bookmark or note you will get a square box icon around the verse number
  • This is to indicate you have some action selected in these verses if you have no color selected
  • Select this icon to take you directly to the highlight, bookmark or note for viewing or editing

Highlight: Tap the color you want. To delete highlight tap the colored verse and then the color with an X. For more information select here

Share: This is used for sharing verses from the app with other apps. Only apps installed to the device can be used for sharing. i.e. Sharing to Facebook is only an option if the Facebook app is installed to the device

Image: This is used to create images for a selected verse to be share within the app or via social media. For more information select here

Compare: This is used to compare different versions. For more information select here

(Swipe left for the rest of these actions)

Note: This button is used for creating a Note using the currently selected verse. For more information select here

Bookmark: This is used to create Bookmarks of selected verse.  For more information select here

Copy: Select this to copy the verse, reference and version to the clipboard. You will see Copied to clipboard.  Just open another app and paste from device clipboard


  • This is used to view moments created by you or other users referring to the selected verse
  • Moments are created when highlighting, bookmarks, etc.
  • Two tabs are on the Moments screen
    • MY which lists moments created by you
    • RELATED NOTES which lists Notes from other users that were marked Public in their privacy settings

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