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Updated 1 year ago by Wayne L Harms

YouVersion does not own the copyrights for any of the translations that we offer.  It’s only through cooperative partnerships with generous Bible societies and publishers that we are able to offer the many translations that we do.  The organizations who provide YouVersion with the versions that we have available have demonstrated extraordinary grace and generosity in allowing us to bring them to a worldwide audience—completely free of charge.  In fact, their choice to partner with us makes possible everything that we do.  We are profoundly grateful for each of these relationships.

In some cases, when YouVersion is negotiating the terms under which we may offer certain versions, we may only be able to reach an agreement if we offer a given translation online and not for download.  The same holds true for audio.  Each case is unique, and each partner has a myriad of reasons which affect what they are able to do.  Occasionally, their options may even be constrained by existing partnerships they already have in place. Please know that YouVersion works with the utmost integrity through appropriate channels with each partner, diligently seeking to bring you the very highest quality versions we can, whether for use online or offline.

If a translation is not offered, YouVersion does not have an agreement with the publisher of that version.

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