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Add a new prayer
  1. Go to the prayer request Card View or List Page. Select link here for View info
  2. Select the circle + in prayers (Home feed or Profile) or + the top right of a prayer List page
  3. Add a Title
  4. Add more details.
    1. Be sure to finish and save before you leave as otherwise you will loose the work you have done
    2. There is a 1000 character limit for prayer or updates and 70 character limit for Title
  5. Select Save - Options after Save
  • Share with Friends (see Share page below)
  • View Prayer List
  • Add another prayer (Android - large green circle + )
  • Done (Android - return arrow in top left)
Add a prayer with Scripture
  1. In the Reader, select a verse then Pray in the verse action menu
  2. Also on Verse of the Day Overflow menu (three dots) select Pray
  3. A prayer will be added with the reference as the title and the verse as the prayer
  4. To edit or add to the prayer, put the cursor at the end or beginning of the verse text and type in your prayer. There is a 1000 character limit
  5. To edit the title go to title area (not in main box) and edit as required
  6. Select Save in top menu to get to Share menu
Share with Friends
  1. For privacy concerns and notifications please select link here
  2. To get to Share page for existing prayers
    1. Select the prayer from List view
    2. Select Overflow (three vertical dots)
    3. Select Share with Friends to open Share menus
    4. Also on the details page of a shared request from a friend,
      1. Select the friends icon at the bottom of the details page
  1. Select desired friends from your existing friends
  2. This will put check mark after their name
  3. If you are the originator of the prayer request, you can Create a Prayer Chain to allow wide sharing. Be aware of privacy concerns in link here
    1. Toggle the selector to on (green)
  4. Select Share (Android - forward green arrow) to send out prayer

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