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No Sign in

Do not sign in on the website at for a faster and simpler Bible reader with less data download.

This is ideal for older and slower computers or with slow wifi. It will work with Internet Explorer. For the sign-in web use Chrome or Edge or Firefox but not IE.

The drop-down selection boxes for version and chapter have been simplified.

Some additional functions

A drop-down box at the end of the chapter to explore by verse.
This will use more data as there are color graphics on the next pages.

  1. Select Explore *chapter* by Verse
  2. Select a verse of the chapter
  3. Options
  • Share - You now have options to share the verse by selecting Share and then the program you want to use to share
  • Read Full Chapter - you can read the chapter that verse appears in
  • Send Me Verse of the Day - (you will need to sign in to an account)
  • Compare Different Versions - This will give you a number of different versions for that verse
  • Reading plans associated with the verse (you will need to sign in to an account)
Functions not available without a sign in
  • Highlighting verses and all associated My Verse Actions
  • Parallel reading with two versions or languages on the same page
  • Audio speeds
  • Font size
  • Plans
  • Editing Profiles or Notifications or Subscriptions

For the lowest amount of download data for Bible reading only, skip the intro page, and do not select audio, Search, Plans, Video or the Explore Box at bottom of the page.

Clear all browser history including passwords so that the sign in edition does not get loaded automatically by your device.

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