Edit profile on iOS

Updated 1 year ago by Keiran Davidson

To edit your profile you must be signed in to your account. Select link here for signing in.

To Edit Profile

  1. Select your Picture or Initials at the top right of the Home Feed
  2. Select Edit Profile on the 3 dot overflow menu at the top right
  3. Public Information that everyone can see is in the top section. Select each to edit
  • Picture -  tap the picture and follow the prompts 
  • Name
  • Location
  • Bio
  • Website
  1. Private Info
  • Notification Settings
    • Push notification
    • Email notifications
  • Email 
  • Change Password
  1. Select Save in the top menu after you have completed the editing you want to do
  2. ​Information that can only be edited on the web site: Select link here
  • country
  • time zone
  • delete account

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