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  1. Select the Read icon in main menu
  2. Select the down arrow to the right of  the Bible version short code
  3. First box is a language selector. Select Change Language to change from displayed language
    • In the Filter Languages start  typing the desired  language and the options will be displayed. Select the language and version 
    • Alternately scroll down to the desired language
  4. Second  is a list  the versions you have Recently Used
  5. Next level will be the various versions in the currently selected language
  6. If a version has audio it will have a speaker icon behind the name
    • Select from the list the version of choice
  7. The "default" version is the last one that you have used on the site
  8. If you have your browser set to clear cache on exit the default will be KJV


Not all versions have all books. Some may only have New Testament and not old. It depends on how much the publisher has completed and supplies to us.

Changing the version of language in plans is the same process.
Some plans that have a version assigned to then by the publisher and it will always go back to that version

Choosing a language here does not change the app’s language… it just displays the  Bible in that language
To change the language of the app, scroll to the bottom of the reading page and select the desired language from the choose your language selector drop down box. 

Only a few non-English Bibles have audio recorded for them, and often the audio is for the New Testament only. 

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