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Updated 7 months ago by Alan Haggard

There are now special menus in landscape and portrait mode for tablets.

Landscape view
  • The landscape menu is divided into the left 1/3, similar to the phone menu and the right 2/3 as reading page
  • The bottom menu has all the same buttons as a phone except there is no Read (Book) button as the Bible Reader page is already open by default
    • Home (house icon)
    • Plans (check mark icon)—To search for or start a reading plan, select here.
    • Explore (magnifying glass icon)
    • More (three lines icon)—For more info about settings and account, select here.
    • Bible book in the left-side menu only. For more info about using the Bible Reader, select here.
Top Menus 
  • Friends (two persons icon)
  • Profile Picture or Initial—Profile including Bookmarks,Images,Notes,Highlights,Friends and Badges
  • Full Screen (square closed button) will open full screen view of Bible Reader page. When full screen mode is on, select Return (square open) button to return to normal view
  • Version, chapter and translation box are the same as on the phone. Select here on how to change versions (translations).
  • Speaker audio is the same as on the phone. Select here on how to use the audio in the Bible Reader.
  • Explore (magnifying glass icon) button is the same as on the phone. Select here on using the search function.
  • Parallel mode (Page with split icon) will open two screens that can be used for two version comparative readings. At present there is no sync between screens.
  • When in parallel mode, select Normal Screen (page with brackets) button to go back


Portrait View

Screen is divided between menus and the reading page

  • Select anywhere in the reading screen to hide the main Menu
  • The buttons are in the left side box
  • Select Full Screen (square closed button) to change to full screen mode and Return (square open button) to bring back left box buttons

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