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Our passion is to faithfully steward the resources that God has given us to help make this the most Bible-engaged generation in history.

  • While our desire is to have an updated version of the app for every platform, that's not possible based on our resources. 
  • The website does not have all the features of the Apps
  • It does feature friends, plans and plan with friends, notes and highlights and bookmarks which sync with the apps if you sign in with the same email and password
  • The windows app is no longer supported. See more information here
  • There are two version of the website available . For a no sign in read only version see information here

List of Features not available on Bible.com

  • You can not create a new image on the website
  • Images that you created on the apps can be viewed under your profile in Images
Offline Bibles
  • The website must be used online so offline Bibles are not supported. If you want a downloaded Bible check out some other internet sites here
Prayer List
  • Not avaialbale on the website
Stories for Verse of the Day and Kids
  • Not available in the website
  • Streaks are not visible on the website. if you open the website it will count as an open for your Android or iOS streak
Notifications for prayer list
  • To change notifications about prayer items you need to go to the notification settings in the apps
Notes, Bookmarks editing
  • Notes and Bookmarks are available for viewing but not editing
  • Notes also do not display Bible verse

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