Kids Bible Experience on iOS

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The Kids Bible Experience inside your YouVersion Bible App offers engaging, practical insight into how your child can apply God’s Word. And as they’re enjoying fresh, relevant content each day, this new experience will help them discover their own daily rhythm of seeking God.

The 7 parts of the Kids Bible Experience

  • Welcome screen
    • Sets clear expectations for each day’s message
  • Verse of the Day Image
    • Daily verses help them frame their world in the light of God’s Word
  • Video
    • Relevant insights from voices they relate to, with content curated by our partner, OneHope
  • Food for thought reflection
    • A simple question helps them reflect on what they’ve learned
  • Verse of the Day text
  • Guided Prayer
  • Come back tomorrow
    • The last screen inviting you to return another day for a new story

How to navigate through the Kids Bible Experience

  1. Tap the sides to navigate forward/backward through the screens
  2. Video control
    1. Double tapping in the middle pauses/restarts the video
    2. Double tapping the left side advances the video 10 seconds
    3. Double tapping the right side rewinds the video 10 seconds
    4. Press/hold pauses the video until you release
    5. You can also use the control panel a the bottom of the video to pause/play and use slider to move through the video

Additional information

Past stories are not available at this time

Past Verse of the Day text & images are available in the Verse of the Day section of the app

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