Audio in Bible plans on Android

Updated 1 month ago by Alan Haggard

  • The audio function plays prerecorded audio files of certain versions made available by the publisher
  • Many versions are available for the audio feature
  • A speaker button will be displayed at the top of the Read screen if audio is available for the selected version
To play scripture passages audio
  1. From the selected Bible Plan screen, select the scripture for the plan
  2. Select the speaker icon at the top next to the translation selection menu
  3. Select the play button at the center to start​
  • For audio player information, select here
  • If the audio from the publisher has been "versified" or segmented, then the audio will read only the selected portions of the reference. Otherwise it will start at the beginning of the chapter
  • If more than one verse is referenced, the audio will begin with the first reference and play through to the last reading for the day
To play devotional audio
  1. Not all plans have audio. You need to find a plan with audio first
  2. Select Plans (check mark icon)
  3. Select FIND PLANS
  4. Select the magnifying glass to search for a plan
  5. Search for Read to me Audio
  6. Select one of the available plans
  • If you have a limited data plan with your cell provider, using audio without WiFi could cause you to reach your limit quickly, and trigger extra charges
  • To ensure the best audio experience possible, we strongly recommend that you connect using WiFi (a wireless network) while listening
  • While the data network for your mobile device may be fast enough, most networks may cause delays or “stuttering.” If you notice delays or hiccups, try pausing the audio, wait several seconds to allow your audio to buffer, then resume play
  • Since any change in the network connection can cause an interruption, audio may not work well in a moving vehicle

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