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General widget troubleshooting
  1. Make sure you are updated to most the recent version of the app
  2. Confirm the app is not loaded on your SD card
you'll need to move the app back to internal memory in order to use the widget

To load widget to your device screen 
  1. Go to the desired screen on your device and make room by removing unused icons or widgets if necessary (at least two rows)
  2. Select a blank area of the screen
  3. Select Widgets
  4. Your phone's Widget list will appear
  5. Under the Bible heading, select the Verse of the Day widget. Select and hold and move to the desired page
  6. Select the background widget color: Black or White
  7. Select if you want transparency (To see page wallpaper)
  8. Select the Bible translation you want
  • This is independent of your preferred reading translation
  1. Select Save
  • Adjust the size by selecting and holding your finger on the widget until four dots appear at each side
  • Drag one of the dots out to make it larger, or push the dot in to make it smaller


If the widget ever becomes dysfunctional or you want to change the VOTD Bible translation, simply drag to the trash, then follow the steps above to reload the widget. At the bottom of the widget are

  • VIEW All: To review all Verse of the day
  • Settings (gear icon): To set push notification
  • Image (picture): To add images
  • Share: To share via social media

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