Bookmarks—create, view, edit and delete on iOS

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Creating a bookmark​
  1. As you are reading a Bible verse, tap the verse(s) you want to bookmark
  2. Select Bookmark on the Action menu that appears
  3. Select a color (optional) which displays like a highlight in your Bible and a color code in your bookmark list
  4. Enter a Title to help you remember why you bookmarked the verse
  5. Enter a Label to categorize the bookmark
    • When you type the first letter of a label, a list of labels which you have already used is displayed. For example, typing the letter 'p' displays all of the labels you have created that start with the letter 'p'. 
    • Choose from the list or continue typing if you wish to create a new label
    • Select + to add that label to your bookmark
    • Select History to view a list of recently used labels. This does NOT display all the labels you have ever created, just the ones you've used recently.
    • Select Bookmark Options when you have finished adding labels to your verse
  6. Select Save.  The bookmark will be saved and the Bible reader will be displayed
Viewing a bookmark
Bookmarks are only displayed within the version in which they were created
  • If the bookmark was created in Genesis 1:1 NIV, the bookmark will only be available in the NIV version
  1. On any mobile device, you can see your list of bookmarks by selecting your profile picture at the top right of the Home feed
  2. Select Bookmarks
  3. Bookmarks are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom) based on the time the bookmark was created or edited
    • Each bookmark is in a separate "moment"
    • Each moment has these in it
      • Date (how long ago in weeks you created the bookmark. The actual date you created the bookmark is not displayed until the bookmark is a year old)
      • Highlight color (if you applied one)
      • Scripture reference and version short code
      • Label(s) (if you applied any)
      • Verse text
      • Likes, comments and 3 dot icon (expanded view only)
  4. If you have used Labels you can filter your bookmark list to display only the verses with a specific label
    1. Select Labels at the top of the list
    2. Scroll down and select the label you want to view. This will put a check mark behind the label
    3. Select Bookmarks at the top left
    4. Only bookmarks with the selected label will be displayed​
  5. Alternately you can scroll down the bookmarks to find the desired one
  6. Select a bookmark to display the bookmarked verse in a separate moment. Select again to display the verse in the Bible reader
Editing a bookmark
  1. To edit a bookmark open the bookmarks as above and select the bookmark you wish to edit. You can also access the bookmark by selecting it in the Bible reader when you come across it and selecting Related on the Verse Action menu
  2. Select the three dots icon in the lower right of the bookmark moment
  3. Select Edit
  4. Edit as desired and select Save
Deleting a bookmark
  1. To delete a bookmark open the bookmark as described above and find the bookmark you wish to delete
  2. Select the three dots icon in the lower right corner of the bookmark moment
  3. Select Delete and then select Delete to confirm
Additional Information
  • A bookmark stores the verse reference as well as the Bible version in which you create it
  • If you select a bookmark from the list, it will take you to the bookmarked verse in the original version
  • If that is not the version you want to read, you can change the version by tapping the version short code at the top of the page

Using too many different colored Bookmarks may get confusing.  Some Bible app veterans use a simple color scheme:

  • Blue for Bookmarks so that they know when they encounter a blue highlighted verse that it has a bookmark associated with it
  • Yellow for highlights (the classic highlighter color) and
  • another color for Notes

In many cases you can view and use bookmarks when you are offline. For this to work reliably, you should plan for it:

  1. While network connected, view your list of bookmarks and swipe down to Refresh it from the server
  2. Then put your device into AIRPLANE ON mode
  3. Test that you can still view and open your bookmarks
  4. Leave the device in AIRPLANE mode until you get to another strong signal area

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