Why can’t i see a full list of English Bibles on iOS

Updated 1 year ago by Keiran Davidson

If you are viewing your list of Bible Versions and you do not see a long list of English Bibles in the bottom panel, perhaps you have unintentionally changed to a different language.
  1. If English isn't listed as the current language (look just above the Recently Used list)
  2. Select Language in the language bar
  3. If English is listed in the Recently Used languages section, select it to return to the version list
  4. Otherwise, type English in the Language search bar then select English in the results list to return to the version list
  5. English Bible versions will now be listed in the available versions list

If English is selected and you still don't see a long list of English Bibles, it may be that the app has lost its connection to the YouVersion servers.  Be sure your device has a good internet connection.


Choosing this language selection in the Bible list does not change the app’s language: it just changes the language of the Bible versions.

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