How to add YouVersion to your website

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How to add YouVersion to your website
  1. Download an app icon or YouVersion logo from our Press site
    1. Go to YouVersion Logos and then select and app icon or other logo of you choice and and save to the directory in your computer where you save your web photos
  2. Html Syntax is <a href = " url " target="_blank"><Text or picture >  </a>
    • "url" is the url that you want to promote (leave in "  ")
    • Text or picture is the words you want to use or the icon that you downloaded.
    • You would insert that with your website editor
  3. url for bible apps info is
  4. url for web Bible is
    • If you want to direct to a specific language version then add that language id 
    • To find the language ID go to the bottom of the read page and change the language to the language you are targeting.
    • The id will be in the url just after com. As an example German is
  5. Size the picture and place on the desired spot of your website with your website editor
Church resources 

For more information on how to use YouVersion in your church, select link  here

For specific promotional items select link here

For the Church Online and other resources select here

Licence Restraints for site integration

We do not have an API for developers to create other apps because of our license with the publishers

We are asking you not to integrate the plans or verses from our website into your website or publications in a an automated way.  Our agreements with the publishers and content partners do not allow for printing or distribution by a third party.

Our publishers provide the content free of charge and we do not want to take advantage of their generosity. If you need that kind of content. please contact them directly. Their contact information is at the end of each chapter.

You can place  verses, Verse of the Day images and Bible lens images, on your personal/church websites or use for personal notes, blogs or sermons, but not  on any site that would be for-profit. These would be put on manually, one at a time.

Thanks for your consideration.

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